This program is exclusive to retailers

Please answer the questions below to be considered for an approval to our wholesale program. Minimum $500 CAD order amount is required for wholesale pricing. 

Please note that not all the brands are available for wholesale pricing.

To apply, please send your answers to cs@orabel.ca

Once we review your answers, you will be notified by our decision by email.  


  1. What is your company name and address?
  2. Do you sell online or offline or both?
  3. What is your website / social media address?
  4. What country do you mainly sell or want to sell in?
  5. What is your current monthly sales?
  6. If approved, how soon will you make your first purchase from us?
  7. How often do you plan or estimate you will buy from Orabel?
  8. What brands are you most interested in?
  9. Who are your current suppliers?
  10. Is there any brands you would like to see on Orabel that we currently don’t offer?
  11. How did you hear about us?

Wholesale Terms

Only payment by wire transfer or Interac transfers are accepted. All sales are final and we do not accept returns or exchanges. Not eligible for Free Shipping.